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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

 Equivalence of studies done abroad by Romanian citizens


Romanian candidates who graduated high-school or a bachelor/master study programme in a foreign country, other than Romania, must have their study documents recognized and validated by the Romanian National Centre for the Recognition and Validation of Diplomas, part of the Romanian Ministry of National Education (M.E.N.).

The procedure for the validation of the degrees can be done only with the help of the Office for International Relations at “Aurel Vlaicu” University from Arad. The documents to be validated by the C.N.R.E.D. shall be sent to the Office for International Relations, who will submit the file to the C.N.R.E.D. After receiving the Certificate for the Recognition of Studies, will the candidates be able to enrol at the faculty of choice, during the admission sessions.

You can find here the documents to be submitted for the equivalence of studies done abroad by Romanian citizens for bachelor, master and PhD programmes.



The documents mentioned must be sent to the following address:

Universitatea “Aurel Vlaicu” din Arad

Office for International Relations

Postal address: Bd. Revolutiei, nr. 77, Arad, Romania



Period for submission of files at AVU for validation of studies:

-February – 15th of June (for admission at Bachelor or Master study programmes);
-February - with 30 days before the beginning of the study programme (for admission at a PhD study programme or at a postgraduate programme of continuous professional development)

The deadline for eventual submissions of potential additional documents to the already existing file is of maximum one year from the initial moment of its submission (it is advisable to submit the documents one month earlier). In case the additional documents are not submitted within this period of time, the original fie will not be taken into consideration anymore and a new file will have to be submitted according to the existing legislation.

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