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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

Admission information for Romanian ethnics



Romanian ethnics are those citizens who do not have a Romanian ID. They may come from: Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Hungary or Diaspora.


Romanian ethnics can be admitted to all study programmes (Bachelor, Master and PhD) offered by our university as follows:

· Free of charge tuition fee with monthly scholarship (free tuition, monthly scholarship and free accommodation in student halls);

· Free of charge tuition fee without scholarship (free tuition and free accommodation in student halls).



Other facilities:

a.       Free tuition for the Romanian preparatory year and a monthly scholarship, if the case;

b.      Free medical assistance in compliance with the current legislation in force;

c.       Transport under the same conditions as the Romanian students, in compliance with the current legislation in force;

d.      Other types of scholarships, in compliance with the legislation in force.


Romanian ethnics can also apply for studies on fee-paying places. The fee shall be paid in Ron, the local currency, and the amount shall be the same as for the Romanian students. A student can benefit from free tuition only for a single field of study.

Language of study:

In order to promote the Romanian language and culture, the Ministry of National Education has decided that the beneficiaries of the scholarships should study only in the Romanian language. To study in a foreign language, candidates can apply directly at UAV, but they have to pay the tuition fee as the Romanian citizens. If the candidate does not speak the Romanian language, he/she must attend the Romanian Language Preparatory Year.


Candidates who have not studied at least 4 years in Romanian and do not want to attend the preparatory year, but who have acquired Romanian language knowledge under informal circumstances, can take the Romanian language test and obtain the Romanian language proficiency certificate





Application process:

Romanian ethnic candidates have to submit their admission files to the Office for International Relations at UAV for verification. Candidates from Serbia, Albania, Macedonia or Ukraine have a possibility to pass their admission files through the Ministry committee at the diplomatic missions of these respective countries at some time intervals established by the Ministry. All the documents will be sent to UAV, where the admission process will be take place.
The files can be submitted at UAV as follows:

- directly at the Office for International Relations, to the attention of Anca Dragut;
- by e-mail to:,;

- by mail to: Universitatea “Aurel Vlaicu” Arad, Bd. Revoluției, nr. 77, Arad, Romania
The Office for International Relations will be responsible for checking the documents and submitting them to the faculties chosen by the candidates for the actual admission process. The candidates being admitted must confirm their place.

Candidates who have chosen to submit the application file by e-mail or mail will have the opportunity to submit the original documents within 10 days of the beginning of the academic year to the secretariats of the faculties to which they have been admitted and confirmed their place.



Important notice!

International students with Romanian origins must enter Romania with a STUDY VISA and have the obligation to submit their files to the Immigration Bureau of Arad in order to obtain the right to stay legally in Romania for study purposes (RESIDENCE PERMIT).



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