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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

Scholarships for International Students




The “Aurel Vlaicu” University scholarships for international students are meant for foreign students from countries outside the EU, EEA or the Swiss Confederation.




·         To attract foreign students to study at AVU;

·         To increase visibility of our university at international level.




The scholarship is granted for the full attendance of bachelor, Master of PhD study programmes to students accepted at AVU.

Obtaining the minimum number of credits necessary for the passing of the academic year and the signing of the addendum to the contract of study are the conditions for the scholarship to be granted the following year of study.




This scholarship is meant for students from states all over the world, except for European Union states. In order to be eligible, students must not have Romanian citizenship or have been granted a form of protection in Romania and must have good grades and provide study documents legalised by accredited institutions.   

Students applying for this scholarship shall not be more than 35 years old for bachelor and master programmes and more than 45 years old for PhD programmes on the 31st of December of the year in which he/she was nominated.




The scholarship covers:

·         Tuition fees;

·         Free accommodation in the university’s students halls;

·         A monthly allowance of 300 lei.




The application file includes the following documents:

a)      Application form;

b)      Proof of application fee;

c)      A copy authenticated by Romania’s Embassy or by the Ministry of External Affairs in the issuing country and legalised translation (in Romanian or English) for each of the following documents:

                                                  i.      High school diploma or equivalent;

                                                ii.      Bachelor degree or equivalent;

                                              iii.      Transcripts of grades + degree supplements for completed studies;

d)     As the case may be:

                                                  i.      Romanian language proficiency certificate;

                                                ii.      English language proficiency certificate;

                                              iii.      Exception: candidates coming from other countries where English is an official language.

e)      Birth certificate – copy and legalised translations (in Romanian or English);

f)       Document confirming permanent residence abroad (identity card);

g)      Passport copy;

h)      Medical certificate (in Romanian, English or French);

i)        Passeport type photo.




Important notice !

Successful candidates shall be contacted by e-mail after the completion of the selection process in order to be informed about the granting of the scholarship. Rejected candidates will have the opportunity to apply for a fee-paying place, if they wish to do so.

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