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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

Bachelor’s degree

Master’s degree

Note: IF = Time education

Curriculum plan 2018 -2019

  • Domain: Business administration: Service and tourism commerce economy (IF, 3 years)
  • Domain: Accounting: Accounting and Management Information Systems (IF, 3 years)
  • Domain: Finance: Finance and Banks (IF, 3 years)
  • Domain: Management: Management (IF, 3 years)

Master’s degree

  • Domain: Business accounting:  Accounting expertise and audit (IF, 2 years)
  • Domain: Finance: Corporate finance (IF, 2 years)
  • Domain: Management: Management and financing of public administration (IF, 2 years)
  • Domain: Management: Management strategies and policies (IF, 2 years)
  • Entrepreneurship and business administration

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Coordinator Prof. Dr. Ioan Dziţac.

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