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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

The Faculty of Engineering was setup in 1990, together with the University, as the successor of the Engineering Institute which has been functioning since 1972.

The Faculty of Engineering comprises eight long-term specializations and five master programs.

All specializations have been authorized and accredited by the National Council for Academic Assessment and Accreditation. All specializations have daily courses lasting four years.

Aims of the degrees are to furnish specialists with skills and knowledge of scientific nature, to enable them to face the different demands of modem equipment and new technologies.

The educational process and the scientific research activities take place in 2 buildings having modern laboratories such as: laboratory for Computer aided Engineering, laboratory for Material Endurance, laboratory for Artificial Intelligence, Microsystems laboratory, laboratory for Industrial Informatics, laboratory for Car Maintenance and laboratories for Textile Technologies.



Director of Department

  • Dr.  Gheorghe Sima, Professor,  E-mail:

Secretary in Chief of Faculty

  • Eng. Ec. Violeta Ştrengar


  • Cecilia Elena Ignuţa

Contact us:

Dean: Assoc. Prof. Dan Glavan, PhD

  • 2 Elena Dragoi St., 310330, Arad
  • Complex M (Micalaca, 300 area)
  • Tel./ Fax: +

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