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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad


            Specialization: Physical education and Sports; Sport and motile performance.

            Human Resources: teaching staff of Faculty of Physical Education and Sports is formed by 10 permanent teachers, among those 2 are PhD (Professor and Reader), meaning 20% from the teaching staff.

            The Students have the benefit for three categories of scholarships: for good grades, scholarship for study and grants.

            They benefit from mobility’s program and educational programs in other universities from abroad. http://www. uav. ro/ro/facultati/educatie-fizica-si-sport Material Resources: In University Complex, there is a modern building with a Sport Hall at Olympic dimensions for handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, a fitness room, sauna, locker rooms.

            An outdoors sports ground for football and athletics are near the Campus. Cooperation with others institutions: The Faculty cooperates with Education Board of Arad, with different sports clubs, with organizational institutions of sports events and with mass media. Curriculum: contents 65% compulsory objects, 20% optional objects and 15% elective objects.

            The content is reviewed every year, including recent books and papers in order to familiarize the students with the new tendencies in the field.

Contact us:

Dean: Prof. Liviu Andrei, PhD

  • 2 Elena Dragoi St., 310330, Arad
  • Complex M (Micalaca, 300 area)
  • Tel./ Fax: +

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