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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

The research center for physical activities is part of the  Research Institute in Social and Humanistic Sciences of the "Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad and it's goal is to promote
research based relations both interdisciplinary and within the domain of sports science.
            It is build as a platform for interdisciplinary research within sports science covering the subdomains: physical education,  performance sports, sports equipment and installations, sports psychology. The members of this research center are professors and students of the Faculty. The capabilies of the research center offers possibilities to conduct: antropometric
measurements, motric and functional evaluation, determination of motric qualities, physical condition etc.

            The research center also manages the "Arena - Journal of  Physical Activities" and organized worshops ans conferences  on a yearly basis.
            It is also a partner for interantional events like "Move Week" (2013-2014) or "Researchers at night"(2014, 2015, 2016).
The two main directions of research are:
a) Physical education and leisure activities (resposible person: Assist Prof. Viorel Petru Ardelean, Ph. D.,
Tel.: +40 257 211044; Mobil: +40 743 107182; e-mail:
b) Performance sports (responsible person: Prof. Ioan Dorin Galea, Ph.D., Tel: +40257211044; Mobil: +40723210956,    

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