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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

AVU - institutes and research centers in accord with Senate decision 157/26.05.2016


1. Institute for Research, Development and Innovation in Technical and Natural Sciences

  • Director: Prof. PhD. Eng. Copolovici Lucian

2. Institute for Research in Humanistic and Social Sciences

  • Director: Prof. PhD. Silviu Gabriel Szentesi

3. European Institute 

  •  Director: Prof. PhD Lavinia Betea

4.  Business and Technology Incubator

  • Director: Lect. PhD Grigorie Sanda

Institutionally accredited Research Centers

1. Faculty of Design - Research Center for Design and Innovation Management

  • Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. PhD Lucia Gabriela Cristea

2.Faculty of Physical Education and Sports – Research Center for Physical Activity

  • Coordinator: Prof. PhD Ioan Dorin Galea

3.Faculty of Engineering – “Intelligent Systems” Research Center  

  • Coordinator: Prof. PhD Valentina Emilia Bălaș

4. “Florin Vălu” Research Center in Textiles 

  • Coordinator: Prof. PhD Eng. Ec. Ionel Barbu 

5. Research Center in Mechanical Engineering 

  • Coordinator: Prof. PhD Eng. Virgil Florin Duma

6. Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection –  Center for Chemical and Technological Research

  • Coordinator: Assoc.Prof.PhD Eng. Dorina Rodica Chambre

7. Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Work – Socio-Psycho-pedagogical Research Center

  • Coordinator: Prof. PhD Dorin Herlo

8. Faculty of Economic Sciences Center for Marketing Research

  • Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. PhD Olga Maxim 

Center for Economic Research and Consulting

  • Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. PhD Dana Codruța Dudă-Dăianu

9. Faculty of Exact Sciences Mathematical Modelling and Information Systems 

  • Coordinator: Prof. PhD Ioan Dzițac

10. Faculty of Humanistic and Social Sciences

Center for Intercultural and Interconfessional Studies

  • Coordinator: Prof. PhD Adriana Vizental

 Center for Modern Languages  

  • Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. PhD Voica Radu

11. Faculty of Orthodox Theology  “Ilarion V. Felea”

Center for Theological-Historical Studies and Pastoral - Missionary Prognosis

  • Coordinator: Pr. Lect. PhD Filip George Albu




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