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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

Guide book:

Incoming Erasmus Students

Incoming students must be nominated by their home university (International Office). Nominations must contain the following information:
Name of the student:
Subject area:
Level of courses: (Bachelor/Master)
Length of courses: (1 semester/2 semesters)
and have to be sent by e-mail to

To apply for an Erasmus study period at „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad, you must send by e-mail ( )

or by  fax (0040 257 280070) the copies of the following documents

and the original documents together with the Learning agreement, at the address:

“Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad

ERASMUS Department

Bd. Revolutiei nr. 77

310130 Arad


Deadlines for receiving application documents:

  • 01 July - for students coming for the 1st semester or full academic year

  • 01 December - for students coming for the 2nd semester

 Accommodation  cost  in student's hostel: 250 lei/month (in the new building), 170 lei/month (in the old building).

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