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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

Mission, statement and objectives of AVU


  1. AVU`s mission is to generate and transfer knowledge towards society in those academic study areas for which it has been authorized/accredited
  2. Its mission to generate knowledge is accomplished through scientific research, development, innovation and technological transfer, artistic creation and sporting performance as well as by capitalizing on and disseminating findings related to these specific activities
  3. Knowledge transfer is achieved through an initial formative stage which is then further developed at a graduate and postgraduate level. Through the academic programmes on offer (be they MA, PHD etc.), its lifelong learning programmes, research and didactic staff training etc., AVU actively participates in the lifelong educational process and in the professional reconversion of workforce. Knowledge transfer is achieved in the spirit of democratic values and human personality development.
  4. The development of professional competences is achieved in the following areas: Vehicle Engineering, System Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Management and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Food Engineering , Rural and Agricultural development, Language and Literature, Administrative Sciences, Communication Sciences, Theology, Business Administration, Finances, Management, marketing, IT, Mathematics, Social Assistance,  Psychology, Educational Sciences, Physical Education and Sport, Visual Arts, Sociology and associated educational domains
  5. AVU assumes its “engine for regional development” fundamental role and acknowledges its important cultural and civic function within the community it belongs to.
  6. Organizing and conducting development, improvement and continuous formation postgraduate programmes, the professional reconversion of specialists with university education in order to develop and form new competences, capabilities and personal career development plans.


    AVU`s Charter (AVU Charter) is the fundamental act which stipulates the principles, functions, main objectives as well as the academic and institutional framework of the university. The Internal Operating Regulations for an efficient institutional activity have been elaborated to comply with the current legislation (AVU Internal regulation; Regulation for the organization and functioning of AVU). Moreover, specific regulations for each area of the university`s activity have been issued based on these two aforementioned documents. The contents of the documents are made available to the members of the academic community  on the institution`s website.




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