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Business partnership between businessmen from Arad and members of Vojvodina Metal Cluster

Business partnership between businessmen from Arad and members of Vojvodina Metal Cluster


The Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina in cooperation with Vojvodina Metal Cluster organized business meetings in Temisvar and Arad in order to provide a clear market development perspective with the focus on finding business partners and joint cooperation.
The first day of business meetings was held in the Chamber of Commerce of Timisoara.
Delegation of businessmen from Serbia was made up of representatives of eight companies as well as VMC management whose interest was to establish long-term cooperation with Romanian partners in order to distribute and market Serbian products to the Romanian market. During the bilateral talks there were 3 companies from Timisoara from the field of automotive industry, thermal zinc plating, metal parts production, and steel structures.

The second day of the business meeting was held at the Arad Chamber of Commerce, which was also a host and an organizer of the event. The participants were addressed by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina and Arad and the cluster manager, Mr. Zoran Pekez.
After that, there was a brief presentation of Serbian and Romanian companies followed by B2B meetings. There were 7 Serbian companies and 9 Romanian ones, among which was a company CBH SG Facility srl. University of Arad had a meeting with management of Vojvodina Metal Cluster. The main subject was organization of meetings with representatives from Universities from both sides of the borders, in order to develop joint international projects. Furthermore, we were discussing about b2b meetings with big companies and SMEs, creating strong  value chain network.

AVU project for Youth Workers

Between the 1st of September 2015 and the 31st August 2017, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad implements “The Youth Worker`s Suitcase, Map and Journey” ERASMUS + Project co- financed by the European Commission. Project partners include: Predict CSD Consulting (Romania)-coordinator; “Aurel Vlaicu” University, Arad (Romania), the Millennium Centre Association (Romania); Schultz Development (Romania); Dacorum (UK); the Integra Cultural Association (Spain); the Centrum Aktywnosci Tworczej Foundation (Poland);   OPEI (Cyprus) and EURO – NET (Italy).

The project`s innovative character resides both in its scope (forming professional youth workers at a European standard) as well as through the associated learning platform ( 

Students from Aurel Vlaicu University , as well as members of the teaching staff from the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Work were deeply involved in the project`s development, dissemination  and associated product testing…

(The complete version can be found here)

AVU partakes in the Family Festival

Two festival days dedicated to the family! Between the 12th and 13th of May, parents, grandparents and grandchildren are all welcomed to join the event organized by the City Council in partnership with Aurel Vlaicu University. The tent purposely prepared for this occasion in Pădurice Park will host a plethora of fun activities for all ages. Face painting, aerobic sessions and toys for kids, raffles for Untold tickets and so much more! Sweets prepared in AVU`s Faculty of Food Engineering labs will surely delight your day!

 Don`t miss out and don`t forget to stop by… AVU.

AVU runs project with a social impact

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad hosted the 4th pilot seminar of the SPSM-Employabilité en Europe – Public and mental health: needs, training and employability project. The Erasmus + project gathered more than 25 specialists form various areas: social workers, doctors, psychologist and educational psychologists as well as representatives of the local administration and international institutional partners […] The project which has a budget of 272 593 euros (35 996 euros being the sum allocated towards Aurel Vlaicu University) is conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Health (Luxembourg), Fédération Agapsy (France), Fondation Trajets  (Switzerland) …

(The complete version can be found here)

A new edition of the "Caius Iacob" international contest

A new edition of the "Caius Iacob" international contest for mathematics and informatics takes place these days at
the "Aurel Vlaicu" University, organized by the Faculty of Exact Sciences with the aid of the Cultural Center of Arad County.
Recognized by the Ministry of Education, the contest gahters pupils from High Schools from the region and from abroad in
the 8 sections of the competition.
"I cannot but congratulate my colleagues from the Faculty of Exact Sciences for their effort to keep and develop this contest all
these years. I am glad that the interest for this contest is growing year after year and more pupils find themselves among
the contestants and which we hope to welcome as our students", poited out the rector of the University, Prof. Ramona Lile, Ph.D.
The registration for the competition was done on-line, directly on the dedicated web page and almost 300 pupils from the
counties Arad, Timis, Bihor, Caras but also from Hungary and Serbia responded to the call.
"The winners of the contest (first prize) will be admitted without tuition fee at any study program ofered by the
Faculty of Exact Sciences. The runners up will be awarded the highest grade at the admission interwiev. Also prizes for the
most deserving contestants and the contributing teachers will be given" said Prof. Mariana Nagy, Ph.D., dean of the Faculty of Exact Sciences

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