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Academician F.G Filip acknowledged by Aurel Vlaicu University

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad has recently hosted the scientific symposium „Academicianul Florin Gheorghe Filip la 70 de ani”. The symposium was dedicated to the renowned Romanian academician Florin Gheorghe Filip, born in Bucharest in 1947. Holder of a PhD degree in Automation, with a decade long vice-presidency of the Romanian Academy, the distinguished professor currently heads the Science and Information Technology Section within the Romanian Academy in addition to being Director of the Academy’s Library.

The symposium held in Arad paid homage to the personality of the Romanian academician. The invited speakers highlighted important aspects regarding F.G. Filip`s managerial and scientific activity, two of his most important works being amply presented by AVU professors. This introduction was followed by a lecture on Decision Support Systems by F.G Filip.

The symposium also hosted presentations dedicated to the scientific projects undergoing within UAV with special emphasis on NanoArt-BioCell, one of the university`s most important research projects. Notable key speakers were: Prof. PhD. Ramona Lile, Prof. PhD. Valeriu Beliu, Prof. PhD. Ioan Ditzac, Prof. PhD. Valentina Balas and Prof. PhD. Mariana Nagy.

“We have been deeply honored by the distinguished professor`s visit. It was a combined opportunity for us to recognize his accomplishments and to highlight the scientific research conducted within Aurel Vlaicu University. This symposium was ultimately dedicated to scientific research” stated Rector Prof. PhD Ramona Lile.

Article published on: 17 March 2017, 13:31.

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