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21st World Futures Studies Federation World Conference

President's Welcome Speech to the 2013 Conference

Dr. Jennifer GIDLEY

"In 1972 a group of social and cultural innovators met in Bucharest, Romania, and decided to found the World Futures Studies Federation the following year in Paris.

WFSF is fortunate to inherit such a great legacy of intellectual strength, vision and courage, laid into its very foundations.
I feel honoured to lead such a well-founded organization.

But when I reflect on the last 40 years, and the next 40,
I wonder…

What will we create in 2013 that will still be going strong in another 40 years?

What innovations can we invent that will lead to a better world in 2053?

There is no doubt that technological innovation is increasing exponentially. But, are we, as human beings, keeping up?

Are we innovating socially, culturally in ways that will create the futures we want—futures that benefit everyone, not just a few.

Our 21st WFSF World Conference in Bucharest in June 2013 will focus on the importance of innovation, across a wide spectrum of social and cultural domains.

I look forward to welcoming you in Bucharest." more

Article published on: 27 March 2013, 09:22.

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