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"Aurel Vlaicu" din Arad

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We are now heading towards the next event, which is already a tradition for those who are part of an anthropological scientific activity: The “Francisc I.Rainer” Symposium – 2018 autumn edition, Arad - Romania.

The event, which has an international presence this year, will start on Thursday, October 18th 2018, with certain activities between 01-06 pm in „Aurel Vlaicu” University, Arad, followed by Friday, october 19th, between 10-18 pm in the „Vasile Goldiș” University of West, Arad. Deatailed programm will appear shortly before event, avaible also on our site. The scientific and organizing touch is given by the institutions, comitees and societies known as organizing parts in the past years.

The symposium subject of the year is ANTROPOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, a subject that, similarly to the past years, wants to develop a good experience through the attendees, so that each of the participants can be part of the newest development paths of antropology, as a science of the man in his integral bio-social-cultural context of biodiversity.

The title, along with the authors and the summary details of the paper (see the application form) need to be sent latest on Saturday September 29th, 2018 by online registration. The summaries (approximately 300 words) should not have more than 10-15 rows. They will be part of a summary volume (ISBN 978-973-0-16119-9).

The extended paper works (including the tables and related figures) should not exceed 10 – 12 pages (line spacing ½, font Times New Roman 12); they should be submitted electronically latest in the day of presentation at the symposium secretary office (memorystick/CD) or sent before by email to, , and will be visible in the “Rainer Days” collection, vol. 12.

The “ANTROPOLOGY AND DEMOGRAPHY” and “ANTROPOLOGY AND GENETICS” volumes will be published in September 2018, and it includes the mini-chapters written by the authors that participated to the last two editions of Rainer Symposium (Bucharest). We will, for sure, do the same this year.


Thanks for your attention. Looking forward to receive the applications, along with the summaries.

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